INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Inaugural lecture by Prof. Benjamin Dietzek

Inaugural lecture by Prof. Benjamin Dietzek

On Mai 27, 6:15 - 7:30 pm, Professor Benjamin Dietzek presents his inaugural lecture titled "Molek├╝len auf die Finger geschaut mit Licht als Lupe und Kamera" at the auditorium of the university's main building.

The scientific work of Dr. Benjamin Dietzek addresses the application of femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy and non-linear micro-spectroscopy in biophotonics and material photonics. Different experimental techniqiues are combined in order to characterize the light-induced charge transfer steps in novel artificial light collecting molecules or to describe the initial photo triggered processes of biological chromophores ad photo receptors. Beside the description of reaction dynamics, markerfree micro-spectroscopic investigations of biological problems and transport processes take centre stage.

News from: 20.05.2013
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