INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - ERC Advanced Grant awarded to ACP co-director Andreas Tünnermann

ERC Advanced Grant awarded to ACP co-director Andreas Tünnermann

ACP co-director Prof. Andreas Tünnermann.

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced that one of the highly prestigious ERC Advanced Grants will be awarded to ACP's co-director Prof. Andreas Tünnermann for his research proposal in the field of fiber lasers. Of all laser concepts, fiber lasers are the one which have experienced the most dramatic development in the last decade. This technology has evolved from laboratory curiosities to full-fledged high-power systems with a deep penetration in both scientific and industrial applications. The research targeted by the team around Tünnermann will aim at boosting the parameters of fiber lasers and at opening up new frontiers in many scientific disciplines, such as material processing, medical technologies and space instrumentation.

ERC grants are awarded through open competition to projects headed by young and established top researchers who are working in Europe - the sole criterion for selection is scientific excellence. In particular, ERC Advanced Grants shall allow exceptional established research leaders of any nationality and any age to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk projects that open new directions in their respective research fields or other domains. The research programs proposed for funding to the ERC must aim high, both with regards to the ambition of the envisaged scientific achievements as well as to the creativity and originality of proposed approaches. Most remarkably, Andreas Tünnermann is the first scientist at the Friedrich Schiller University to receive an ERC Advanced Grant.

With the grant, which is endowed with up to 2.5 million euros, the scientific work of Tünnermann's team will be funded for 5 years. The project involves expertise of many young and senior scientists from the Institute of Applied Physics and the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, Jena.

>> link to the press release issued by the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

News from: 13.05.2015
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