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On the occassion of the Frühjahrstagung in Münster, of the German Physical Society (DPG) by the end of March, ACP principal scientist Isabelle Staude was distinguished with the Hertha Sponer Prize 2017 recognizing her outstanding contributions in in nanophotonics. Staude has shown a novel way which allows the comprehensive control of light fields on nanoscopic scales, which is, moreover, largely free of absorption and scattering losses. The insights gained by these works enable researchers to think altogether about the control of light on nanoscale and open the way to the development of photonic components of novel functionality.

The Hertha Sponer Prize is awarded annually by the DPG to a scientist for outstanding scientific work in the field of physics. The award is intended to encourage young women scientists through public distinction and thus attract more women to physics, and is endowed with a prize money of 3,000 EUR.

>> link to the Staude group

>> link to the press release issued by the DPG


Foto source: DPG/Grewer 2017.

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