INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - ACP co-director Jürgen Popp distinguished with the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award 2016

ACP co-director Jürgen Popp distinguished with the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award 2016

ACP co-director Prof. Jürgen Popp, recipient of the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award 2016.

The Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh is the sponsor of the annual Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award. This award is for recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of spectroscopy, and is presented at the annual Pittsburgh Conference. The award is supposed to highlight the contributions of international leaders in the field of spectroscopy that have developed novel spectroscopies and/or demonstrated important novel applications.

Now, and only for the second time in its long-standing history since 1957, the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award is given to a non-American individual. ACP co-director Jürgen Popp will be distinguished with this honor at the next edition of the Pittsburgh Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 2016, for his outstanding contributions to the field of applied spectroscopy. Jürgen Popp's core research focus is biophotonics, i.e., the development and application of frequency-, time- and spatially resolved innovative laser microspectroscopical methods and techniques for biomedical diagnostics as well as environmental and food analysis. Corner stones are the development and application of linear and non-linear Raman-technologies with particular focus on clinical diagnosis. In this context, Raman methods are utilized and developed according to the needs of pathology, oncology, and infection/ sepsis.

>> link to the press release issued by the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

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